SAG-AFTRA Convention Delegates to Tackle Wide Range of Resolutions

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Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by David Robb on October 7, 2019.

Delegates to this week’s SAG-AFTRA biennial convention will be voting on dozens of proposed resolutions, including one that appears to be aimed directly at President Donald Trump, who has called numerous news organizations – including CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC – “the enemy of the American people.” Trump, who is a member of the union, isn’t mentioned by name, however.

“We are living in an extraordinary time when the news media has been attacked as spreading false stories and as an enemy of the people,” the sponsors of Resolution #1 said in their statement of support. “SAG-AFTRA has, on at least two occasions since our last national convention, issued strong statements on behalf of a free and unencumbered press. This is an opportunity to have our National Convention — the largest and most representative governing body in our union — underscore those previous statements and issue full-throated support for the principles of the First Amendment and the work of our members who work as journalists.”

Noting that SAG-AFTRA “is a union whose membership includes broadcast and multi-platform journalists,” and that “in the current political climate, journalists have had their integrity and credibility challenged,” the resolution states. “Be it further resolved that SAG-AFTRA believes that journalists are not the enemy of the people; and be it further resolved that SAG-AFTRA believes that journalists have an obligation to seek out the truth and report it vigorously; and be it further resolved that SAG-AFTRA believes that journalists have an obligation to monitor and question those in power, to point out wrongdoing when they find it, to note when asserted facts are not supported by evidence, and to report inconsistencies in the positions of public figures.” …

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Deadline Hollywood 10/7

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