South Carolina Public School Teachers, State Workers Demand Better Pay at Rally

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Teachers and state workers gather at the State House in Columbia, South Carolina for the South Carolinians Deserve the Best rally on March 19. Ashlen Renner

Reprinted from The State by Maaya Schechter on May 19, 2018.

South Carolina public school teachers and state workers rallied Saturday at the State House, calling for state lawmakers to adopt a state budget that includes higher pay for state workers and increased funding for education.

Wearing blue and red T-shirts — colors sported by teachers nationally to protest low wages and resources — state workers raised hand-drawn signs that said, “Why should my students respect me when the government doesn’t?” and “We are worth more money.”

Advocates called on South Carolina lawmakers to provide more money to school districts and state agencies, where some officials struggle to fill jobs and retain experienced workers. …

South Carolina’s average teacher pay — $48,769 — falls below the Southeastern average, and new teachers earn about $30,100. …

The State 5/19

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