Striking Workers: UC Davis ‘Trying to Do a Bait-and-Switch’ with New Hospital

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By partnering with a private-sector company to build a new rehabilitation hospital, UC Davis Health is subverting labor contracts and partnering with a company that has a record of suppressing the wages of health care workers, two unions allege.

Reprinted from The Sacramento Bee by Cathie Anderson on May 16, 2019.

Picketing outside UC Davis Medical Center on Thursday, unionized workers again hammered home their displeasure over UCD’s plan to allow Kindred Healthcare to staff a new rehabilitation hospital planned for the Aggie Square development on the corner of Stockton Boulevard and Broadway in Sacramento.

“The university is trying to do a bait-and-switch,” said Samrrah Raouf, a clinical lab coordinator at UC Davis Health. “It’s going to put its name on buildings with health care workers inside who are actually not university employees, for example, like physical therapists, and we think that is very wrong. When somebody walks into a building that says UC Davis Health, one expects to have UC Davis Health employees working with them, and that’s not the case.”

Thousands of members of UPTE-CWA 9119 and AFSCME 3299 protested outsourcing Thursday in strikes across the University of California system. In news releases, union workers said they’re concerned not only about outsourcing at UC Davis Health but also with multimillion-dollar, systemwide contracts that the UC plans to sign for contingent workers in information technology and patient care. …

Sacramento Bee 5/16

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