Union Made

UNION MADE: A Long and Winding Career Path

I arrived in Hollywood with no contacts––and as I observed the inner workings of the business, I felt that what I learned in college was horribly insufficient for me to succeed. So I opened myself up to any job I could get, observing everyone and everything. […]

Union Made

UNION MADE: How I Got to Determine What Movies Get Made

We “cover” mostly screenplays, but also novels (some pre-publication), newspaper and magazine articles, plays — any potential source for a good story or lead character. We evaluate old movies for their potential as contemporary remakes, and foreign movies as possible American remakes. […]


From VHS to VFX, a Career Is Born

It all started when I was four years old. I was being forced against my will to eat the most vile of all beans, the dreaded lima. In protest, I made a film starring my cabbage patch dolls to illustrate the grossness of the bean. Okay, you might ask, how does a four-year-old make a movie? With her father as camera operator, of course! I lined up the dolls, instructed my dad to set up our trusty VHS camera, and told him to start rolling. […]