What Our Members Do: Susan Avallon

April 5, 2017

Maybe two-thirds of my job involves reading screenplays, novels, non-fiction books, plays, teleplays and treatments. I evaluate their potential as movie or television projects. […]

UNION MADE: How I Got to Determine What Movies Get Made

July 10, 2012

We “cover” mostly screenplays, but also novels (some pre-publication), newspaper and magazine articles, plays — any potential source for a good story or lead character. We evaluate old movies for their potential as contemporary remakes, and foreign movies as possible American remakes. […]

Santa Claus Conquers the Movies

February 1, 2011

We asked our erudite story analysts to weigh in on their favorites–– the films that left their mark, or ones that are revisited each year to mark the holiday season. […]

The Guilty Pleasures of Story Analysts: Movies They Hate to Love…

July 1, 2009

CineMontage has turned to the Guild’s erudite, critical and scholarly branch––the story analysts––and asked them to venture deep inside their inner film geeks, to forget that their professional reputations could be at stake and to admit to the world––or at least to their fellow Guild members––what their favorite guilty pleasure movies are.  […]

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