Walmart Anti-Union ‘Training’ Video is Another Reason Not to Shop There

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This leaked Wal-Mart training video is laced with enfuriating half-truths and lies about unions.

Reprinted from Labor 411 by Sahid Fawaz on May 6, 2019.

If Walmart was a country, it would be one of the the richest in the world by revenue.

It has received billions in tax cuts per year thanks to the GOP.

The Walton heirs have a total wealth that is more than 43% of that of American families combined.

And many of their workers have relied on food stamps.

If that is not enough to make your head spin, or stomach churn, this leaked anti-union “training” video below should do the trick.

When companies like Walmart are legally allowed to brainwash employees with false propaganda like this, it is no wonder that wages stay artificially low and obscene wealth goes to the very few. …

Labor 411 5/6

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