CNN: Here’s Why 2021 Could Be a Big Year for Labor Unions

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Reprinted from CNN by Alicia Wallace on March 1, 2021.

Rarely has the chasm between rank-and-file-workers and the extremely wealthy been this wide. While millions of people have lost jobs, gone hungry and struggled to pay for their basic needs, billionaires’ wealth soared to new heights in 2020.

And although the pandemic made things worse, America’s wealth gap has largely been expanding since the 1980s.
Among the many contributing factors: Far fewer jobholders have a seat at the table in negotiating with upper management than they did decades earlier. In 2020, union membership hit a new modern low. …
In cities across the US, and between the walls of some of the world’s largest enterprises, there is a swelling of union organizing activity that has been propelled by the pandemic and the recession. …

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