From The National Executive Director

The Value of Recovery

One very important component of our staff is the contract enforcement department. Many members come in direct contact with these folks for work-related issues, but even then, much of what they do can remain a mystery. […]


Cathy Repola: Crisis Shows Us How Resilient We Are

Turning the focus specifically to the membership and the inevitable return to work in the entertainment industry, we must be diligent in ensuring that work sites are completely safe, and that all safety and health protocols now being newly established are adhered to without exception. […]

No Picture

Time to Raise a Glass

Fifteen years ago, when our Board of Directors decided to bring the publication of our Editors Guild Magazine in-house, what seemed most daunting was finding the right person to lead us forward. […]

Contractual Obligations

The Importance of Enforcement

As part of the IATSE union, the Editors Guild is fortunate to have plentiful resources to offer many benefits for our membership. These include training, seminars, mixers and screenings, to name a few. […]