Alan Parker, Versatile Film Director, is Dead at 76

July 31, 2020

Alan Parker, who was nominated for the best-director Oscar for the 1978 film Midnight Express and again 10 years later for Mississippi Burning, died on Friday in South London. He was 76. His death followed a long, unspecified illness […]

PASSAGES – William L. Manger

June 7, 2019

William (Bill) L. Manger, age 79, passed away Sunday, March 24, 2019 in Van Nuys, California. A loving husband, father of three daughters and grandfather of seven grandchildren, he succumbed to a long-fought battle with diabetes and is now at peace. […]

PASSAGES – Norman Hollyn, ACE

June 7, 2019

Norman Hollyn, ACE, was a large persona: tall, with a head of snow-white hair and a great laugh. His life was enormous and touched thousands of people around the world. He was an assistant editor, a music editor, a picture editor, an author, a teacher, a husband and a father. He was also the first holder of the Michael Kahn Endowed Chair of Editing at the University of Southern California, where he served as a full professor at the School of Cinematic Arts. […]

PASSAGES – Barry Malkin, ACE

June 7, 2019

Barry Malkin.

Although I was a new kid in a new neighborhood — pretty much in a new school each and every year — I do have a memory of another boy I met when I was about 14 years old. He was shooting baskets alone at the public playground near Springfield Boulevard in Queens and, seeing me watching, asked me to shoot baskets with him for 25 cents apiece. I knew I had no such skill, but was anxious to have a friend, so I took on the challenge. I lost about $1.25 in quick order, but little did I know that this boy, Barry Malkin, would remain a friend and more; he became an important professional associate throughout my life. […]

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