At the Point of Crisis, Survival Is Victory

I recently took a CPR class at the Editors Guild offices in LA, which was organized through The Wellness Program. I felt compelled to take the class after a colleague saved the life of our color timer after he had a heart attack during a meeting on “Dunkirk.” […]


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – Thanks for the Mentoring

Thanks for the wonderful article on my friend Monty DeGraff (“Monty the Mentor,” ‘CineMontage’ Q1 2018). Lynne and Monty have been a part of my wife’s and my circle of friends for 20 years — sharing many dinners, talking shop and generally enjoying each other’s company. […]


ADR Addenda

After the publication of my article, “Automatic for the People,” in the last issue of CineMontage (Q1 2017), I received […]

Letters to the Editor

Follow the Reader

Good analysts know that stepping outside of themselves to examine a script from a different point-of-view is key in writing a complete analysis of the potential project. […]