Technology: How the Latest AI Helps Colorists Do Their Jobs Better

AI technology (probably) isn’t the humanity-destroying rise of the machines that some fear—at least not in the world of post-production. It’s showing up all over the film industry, from helping to cast actors to achieving incredible visual effects transformations, like turning actor Josh Brolin into Thanos for “Avengers: Infinity War.” […]


PPASC: How Richard Chew and Other Film Pioneers Raised Asian American Visibility

Asian American picture editors Chew, Lisa Lassek and William Hoy, ACE, discussed their influences, their careers and the cultural experiences that shaped them during a “Celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage Month” Zoom seminar hosted by Edie Ichioka, ACE, on May 15 and presented by MPEG’s Pan Pacific Asian Steering Committee. The panel also deconstructed examples of their work and offered advice to members in the well-received session. […]