Anita Hill-Led Hollywood Commission Panel Tackles Workplace Bullying

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Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by David Robb on May 20, 2021.

Bullying in Hollywood “is an industrywide problem,” said Anita Hill, chair of the Hollywood Commission, during a panel discussion Thursday titled “Bullying and Toxic Workplaces in Hollywood.”

“The level of bullying, to put it mildly, is deeply troubling,” she said, noting that a commission survey of nearly 10,000 industry workers found that 3 out of 4 workers ages of 18-29 experienced some form of bullying in 2019, and that women and people with disabilities were more likely to be the victims of bullying.

But with the recent revelations about producer Scott Rudin’s decades of bullying behavior, she asked: “Is this time different? Now is the time for those inside the industry to decide if we are ready to seize the moment and begin the hard work of ending bullying in our workplaces, and if so, how will we proceed? All of us have a stake in this. Bullying and other abuse acts as a segue to other behaviors – to illegal behaviors. Targets of bullying, and those around them, suffer when workplaces are unsafe. It’s not just the specific victim who suffers – everyone around them suffer.” …

Deadline Hollywood 5/20

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