About Betsy McLane
Betsy A. McLane is the author of A New History of Documentary Film: Second Edition. She served as the project director for the American Documentary Showcase, and was the executive director of the International Documentary Association. Contact her at betsy@documentarydiva.com.

The Magic of Cinema Sound

May 1, 2014

The many people who create sound,are likewise invisible to the public — even as their contributions are central to making onscreen worlds. They too are part of the occult magic of cinema. […]

Randy Roberts: 2014 ACE Heritage Award Honoree

March 1, 2014

Hollywood mythology has it that a determined person can start in the mailroom and end up at the top of the business. While very few people actually make that myth become a reality, Randy J. Roberts, A.C.E., is living proof that it can happen. […]

L’Arrivée du 3D

May 1, 2008

The book is a thorough, precise, comprehensive and deeply revealing analysis of its subject. […]

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