Tail Pop

Melvin Frank & Norman Panama’s ‘The Court Jester’

When I was growing up in the 1960s, the entertainer Danny Kaye seemed to be everywhere — today traveling the world on behalf of UNICEF, tonight hosting his own CBS variety show. My classmates and I knew the songs from Hans Christian Andersen (1952), even if we boys didn’t always admit it. […]

Book Reviews

The Magic of Cinema Sound

The many people who create sound,are likewise invisible to the public — even as their contributions are central to making onscreen worlds. They too are part of the occult magic of cinema. […]

This Quarter in Film History

Separating the Bums from the Contenders

Sixty years after its premiere in June 1954 in Japan, of all places (New York and Los Angeles followed in July), ‘On the Waterfront’ is still regarded as a seminal film because of its immense influence on acting. […]


Outreach Connection: Help Us Help You Make a Difference

Let us introduce ourselves: We are the Membership Outreach Committee. The committee was established by the Editors Guild Board of Directors as an avenue through which members can interact with each other to generate and distribute solutions to issues that you, the membership, help identify. […]