Mervyn LeRoy’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’

May 1, 2009

Fantasy has had a rather schizophrenic time in Hollywood––one year being the worst possible genre to pour money into unless it’s going straight to video, the next year sweeping the Academy Awards with 11 Oscars. […]

Jacques Tati’s ‘Playtime’

January 1, 2009

Comedy, as they say, is all in the timing. Therefore, a comic’s best friend has got to be the film editor. But how does one become a good comedy editor? First, I believe, a person must have a natural instinct for what’s funny. […]

Mexican Hayride

November 1, 2008

After dinner, one evening, Mom and Dad asked if I would like to work as a child extra in the new Bud Abbott and Lou Costello movie, Mexican Hayride. […]

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