Josh Thomas, Editor Gregg Featherman March to a ‘Very Different’ Beat

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Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by Matt Grobar on June 12, 20021.

When editor Gregg Featherman first signed on to Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, he relished the opportunity to work with “rhythms” in writing and performance that were “very different” to any he’d previously come across.

He knew for sure that he’d hit on a special project when he started researching the show’s creator and star—Australian comedian Josh Thomas—and Please Like Me, the semi-autobiographical series he had previously created and starred in for ABC2 and Pivot. “You seemed to relish awkwardness and wanted to unpolish the polish a lot,” Featherman tells Thomas on The Process, “and I thought that for me, that would be really an interesting thing to try, to learn how to cut for you.”

In conversation with Featherman, Thomas notes that embracing rough edges has long been a part of his philosophy, or thought process, with regard to his series. “I like to keep the mistakes in. When we’re going through dailies, I’m usually looking for mistakes in the broken scenes,” he says. “I’m usually looking for charming mistakes, and then we build the scene around some other charming, little moments that we find.” …

Deadline Hollywood 6/12

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