Sundance Report: The Editor as Jack-of-All-Trades

It wasn’t so long ago, it seems, that editors spent most of their time in editing rooms simply editing. Many of us remember the days when we spliced pieces of film together, drew dissolve marks on the celluloid with grease pencil and projected our work picture with only a single audio track for directors, producers and studio executives. […]

This Quarter in Film History

Fruitless ‘Aran’

Documentarian Robert J. Flaherty was regarded by the poet e.e. cummings as “a god among men,” an opinion echoed by Orson Welles, who compared Flaherty to the poets Walt Whitman and Henry David Thoreau. […]

Book Reviews

Hidden Magic Revealed

‘The Invisible Cut: How Editors Make Movie Magic’ will stand as a deft introduction to the “invisible art” of editing and would prove highly useful as a textbook. […]