Cut to Black: Ray Artis, Television Editor

For each day in the month of February, the African American Steering Committee will be highlighting Local 700’s African American members, both past and present, and their accomplishments. We look forward to showing the contributions and influences African Americans have had on the industry.


What’s your job? Television Editor.

List the credits you’re most proud of. “Jazz at the White House,” The Oscars, “One Night Only: An All Star Comedy Tribute,” The Key & Peele Superbowl Special, “Rock The Troops,” “That’s My Jam.”

What are you working on right now? A top secret live music series & “That’s My Jam” Season 3.

Who and what are your influences and/or mentors? My parents, my cousin Oggi Ogburn (Traveled with and photographed some of the biggest and most influential African American Leaders, Politicians, Musicians, Actors and Artists) of all time. Don Mischer, Michael Polito, Bill DeRonde, Stephanie Filo and Reggie Hudlin.

What books are you reading, shows are you watching and/or movies you’re excited about? Reading: “Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America” by Kurt Anderson. Watching: “Fargo,” “Echo,” “True Detective: Night Country,” “Beat Bobby Flay” Movies (Excited About) “Dune Part 2,” “The Bike Riders.”

What would be your superhero name? RocknRoll.

What are your black history month memories and any cultural or historical impacts on your life? I always say, Black History can’t be celebrated in a 28 day month! Black History is a part of our EVERYDAY. I am very aware of the hardships and pain our ancestors endured so that I can enjoy the opportunities I enjoy today. Are we where we should be? NO, but if I can pave an even better path for the next generation, then I‘ve at least helped move us forward.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? What EVER you do, don’t eat the McRib!! Haha, no seriously, ALWAYS, keep your audio in check and clean. Editing is NOT just visual.

If you could time travel, when would you go and why? I would go back to August 28th 1963, visit the Great Lawn in Washington DC and hear MLK’s “I have a dream” speech live.

What’s a little known fact about you? What are your hidden (or not so hidden) talents? I was signed to Elektra Records with a band called Dakota Moon. I love music, bass guitar and songwriting. I love Fly Fishing, and motorcycles. I’m a precision motorcycle rider and I’ve appeared in film, tv, commercials and even a Harley Davidson catalog.

What’s your favorite (Black) television/movie moment? So many, but since I just watched this movie the other night, I’ll say “AIR,” the Viola Davis (Deloris Jordan) scene where she’s on the phone with Nike requesting that Michael Jordan should receive a percentage of every shoe sold with his name on it. The tone was perfect. It was powerful even in its the simplicity. It gave me goosebumps.

Was there a television show/movie that inspired you to pursue your career? “Behind The Music,” “A Clockwork Orange,” “Boomerang,” Prince’s Super Bowl Performance.

What’s your personal/professional mantra? Remember to be even better tomorrow than I am today!

What’s the last show/movie that left you speechless? Film “Get Out” – Was not expecting that ending/twist AT ALL!

What would be your dream project to work on? “Gen V,” “Fargo,” or any television special that Don Mischer is involved with.