‘Film Comment’s’ Top 75 Picture Editors


A selection of the 75 Best Edited Films. Left side (top to bottom, left to right): Lawrence of Arabia, 2001: A Space Odyssey, North by Northwest, Citizen Kane, The French Connection; Right side: A Hard Day’s Night, The Godfather, Titanic, Jaws, Raging Bull. 3D Illustration by Wm. Stetz.

Thirty-five years ago, our colleagues at the prestigious film journal Film Comment in New York published a special 24-page section celebrating film editors — “Prime Cut” — which appeared in its March-April 1977 issue. To celebrate the Guild’s 70th anniversary five years ago, they graciously allowed us to reprint copy from their section.

In their issue, Film Comment’s editors selected the top 75 editors from the United States, Great Britain and France, from the perspective of 1977. Given that we are now celebrating the Editors Guild’s 75th anniversary, we decided to reprint the list, as a point of reference. Editors are listed alphabetically.

Albert Akst (USA)

Deed Allen (USA)

George J. Amy (USA)

Hal Ashby (USA)

Bert Bates (Great Britain)

Anne Bauchens (USA)

Reginald Beck (Great Britain)

Folmar Blangsted (USA)

John Maurice Bloom (Great Britain)

Maragret Booth (USA)

Claudine Bouché (France)

David Bretherton (USA)

Donn Cambern (USA)

Jim Clark (Great Britain)

Anne V. Coates (Great Britain)

Henri Colpi (France)

Anne-Marie Cotret (France)

Denise De Casabianca (France)

Cécile Décugis (France)

Adrienne Fazan (USA)

Rudi Fehr (USA)

Verna Fields (USA)

Hugh Fowler (USA)

Charles Frend (Great Britain)

Antony Gibbs (Great Britain)

Stuart Gilmore (USA)

Gerald Greenberg (USA)

Danford B. Greene (USA)

Bernard Gribble (Great Britain)

Agnès Guillemot (France)

Jack Harris (Great Britain)

Doane Harrison (USA)

Anthony Harvey (Great Britain)

Gene Havlick (USA)

Seth Holt (Great Britain)

William W. Hornbeck (USA)

Peter Hunt (Great Britain)

Martine Kalfon (France)

Ralph Kemplen (Great Britain)

Frederic L. Knudtson (USA)

Harold F. Kress (USA)

Viola Lawrence (USA)

Raymond Lamy (France)

Henri Lanoë (France)

David Lean (Great Britain)

Carl Lerner (USA)

Renée Claude Lichtig (France)

Russell Lloyd (Great Britain)

Warren Low (USA)

Daniel Mandell (USA)

Owen Marks (USA)

Fergus Mcdonell (Great Britain)

Barbara P. McLean (USA)

Reginald Mills (Great Britain)

Conrad A. Nervig (USA)

Christian Nyby (USA)

Sam O’Steen (USA)

Robert Parrish (USA)

Tom Priestley (Great Britain)

William H. Reynolds (USA)

Ralph Rosenblum (USA)

Dorothy Spencer (USA)

Fredric Steinkamp (USA)

Peter Tanner (Great Britain)

Peter J.B. Taylor (Great Britain)

George Tomasini (USA)

John Victor-Smith (Great Britain)

Ernest Walter (Great Britain)

Ferris Webster (USA)

Merrill G. White (USA)

Elmo Williams (USA)

Ralph E. Winters (USA)

Robert Wise (USA)

Robert L. Wolfe (USA)

William Ziegler (USA)