Governor Gavin Newsom Orders All Californians to Stay at Home

March 20, 2020

Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday ordered Californians to stay at home, marking the first mandatory restrictions placed on the lives of all 40 million residents in the state’s fight against the novel coronavirus. The governor’s action comes at a critical time in California, where 19 people have died and […]

Cannes Film Festival Postponed, Late June Dates Being Considered

March 19, 2020

The Cannes Film Festival has been postponed. Organizers confirmed Thursday evening that the film festival will no longer take place during the scheduled dates of May 12-23, and several options are now being considered, including postponing the event until the end of June through to the beginning of July. […]

Global Film Industry Facing $5 Billion Loss Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

March 2, 2020

In 2019, the international box office soared to a record $31.1 billion, contributing to a worldwide haul of $42.5 billion, likewise an all-time high. But the celebration by the global film industry has quickly been replaced by anxiety because of coronavirus, which many public health officials are now calling a global pandemic — one […]

Labor Notes: Unions Face a Difficult Choice on ‘Medicare for All’

February 16, 2020

“It’s mind-boggling to see national labor leaders defend a system that’s the biggest cause of strikes, lockouts, and concession bargaining,” writes Mark Dudzic in Labor Notes. “Talking points, after all, don’t appear out of thin air. They’re carefully crafted and disseminated by lobbyists and publicists, often on behalf of corporate interests. […]

Nevada Union Might Not Endorse, but It Isn’t Staying Quiet

February 12, 2020

While the Culinary Union is not tipping its hand in any one candidate’s favor, it hasn’t stayed out of the race. Last week and this week, the union distributed leaflets to its members warning that Sanders’ and Warren’s “Medicare for All” proposals would end the union’s prized health insurance plans. Culinary has typically followed Unite Here’s lead, and with early voting in Nevada’s caucuses set to start Saturday morning, it’s unclear […]

More than 50 Directors Petition DGA for Parental Leave Reform

January 25, 2020

2017 was a big year for Jessica Dimmock, both professionally and personally. As co-director of the Netflix docuseries Flint Town, she earned her membership in the Directors Guild of America — and she also became pregnant. She worked up until the day she gave birth […]

THR: Hollywood’s Mental Health Reckoning has Arrived

January 16, 2020

Within Hollywood, companies haven’t offered much beyond the basics — typically three free counseling sessions through an Employee Assistance Program. Some have upped the benefit, including Hulu (six free in-person sessions per year), Netflix (eight), NBCUniversal […]

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