AFL-CIO: Celebrate Working People This Earth Day

April 21, 2018

Earth Day is an annual event that celebrates our planet’s natural beauty and calls for the protection of our natural treasures and mitigation of the damage human activity can inflict on our planet. Across the country, working people are a key part of […]

Earth Day: How Union Workers are Driving a Cleaner Future

April 21, 2018

Without the work of unions to help organize events throughout the country, the first Earth Day might not have been the success it was. In fact, the largest contributor to the first Earth Day was a labor union, and in the intervening decades since that first […]

How the Loss of Union Power has Hurt American Manufacturing

April 20, 2018

“Want to make America great again and keep factories in the United States?” writes Louis Uchitelle in The New York Times. “Try strengthening labor unions. That may seem counterintuitive, and certainly contrary to the direction the country has been […]

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