Conventional Lessons

September 1, 2009

each of these groups was struggling with a profound but similar problem––the way technology was changing the jobs of their membership. The solution for many of them was the same: Organize. […]

UNION MADE: When Technology Comes Naturally

September 1, 2009

I have had some great mentors during my career, and would love to give back.  With a little luck, I will have the opportunity to edit full time and, maybe one day, I will have an assistant look back at my help and thank me. […]

‘Basterd’ Sounds:
Wylie Stateman and Harry Cohen

September 1, 2009

From hyper-real audio effects to vintage-sounding equipment, the sound in a Quentin Tarantino film is always distinctive. it has been the handiwork of supervising sound editor Wylie Stateman and sound designer Harry Cohen, MPSE. […]

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