Book Reviews

Wide, Wide World

In the Jean-Luc Godard film Contempt (1963), director Fritz Lang, portraying himself, acidly jokes that CinemaScope “wasn’t meant for human beings. Just for snakes and funerals.” […]

Getting Organized

You Never Call!

Keeping the Guild in the dark about whom they employ and otherwise thwarting communication amongst their employees are some of the more effective ways a non-union employer can prevent its employees from organizing. […]


Post-Post-Production: Sound Bites from Guild Retirees

Motion Picture Editors Guild retirees are goldmines of information; they are walking encyclopedias of the industry with priceless experience and wisdom to offer. While the technology may have changed, the necessity of navigating through the challenges of the craft and the politics still remains. […]

Union Made

UNION MADE: A Long and Winding Career Path

I arrived in Hollywood with no contacts––and as I observed the inner workings of the business, I felt that what I learned in college was horribly insufficient for me to succeed. So I opened myself up to any job I could get, observing everyone and everything. […]