Guilds, Producers Ask Biden to Remember: We Are ‘More than Red-Carpet Celebrities’

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Reprinted from Deadline Hollywood by Jill Goldsmith on February 22, 2021.

The Motion Picture Association, DGAIATSE, IFTA, SAG-AFTRA along with the AFL-CIO’s Department of Professional Employees have penned a letter to President Joe Biden urging the new administration to keep the job-providing, economy-stimulating film and television community in mind when hashing out policy.

As the industry ramps up calls to Washington D.C., the missive dated February 18 and sent to the President this morning, says, “We will depend on the leaders you choose to manage key federal agencies to facilitate the recovery and continued success of the American creative economy, especially at posts within the White House, Justice Department, Commerce Department, Office of the US Trade Representative, and key enforcement agencies. We hope you will make clear that these appointees will ensure that the federal government prioritizes copyright and the American creative sector when crafting and enforcing policies that affect us.”

As a whole, the letter said, the industry supports 2.5 million US jobs across a spectrum of skills and trades, help finance 320,000 businesses in cities and small towns across the country and pay over $188 billion in wages annually, the group of guilds and producers noted. …

Deadline Hollywood 2/22

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