MPEG Election: Guild Reveals New Board of Directors for 2021, with Four New Members

MPEG member Katie Cornblath, an Assistant Editor, holds a ballot for the 2021 Board of Directors election. Cornblath won a seat on the Board. PHOTO: Courtesy Katherine Cornblath.

By MPEG Staff

The Motion Picture Editors Guild on Thursday announced the newly elected or re-elected members of the Guild’s 2021 Board of Directors and IATSE Convention Delegates.

The Board members will take office on January 1, 2021, and will be officially inducted at the Guild’s first Board meeting of the new year on Saturday, January 9. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Board Installation dinner which usually occurs later that evening has been canceled.

The Guild sent 8,235 ballots; 1,445 were returned — a returned rate of 17.55%.

Following is the list of members newly elected or re-elected to the Board during the recent election. (Members new to the Board are indicated by *.)


Assistant Editor

Aziza Ngozi, Incumbent

Scott A. Jacobs, Incumbent

Sean Thompson, Incumbent

Margaret Guinee, Incumbent

Katie Rose Cornblath *

Halima K. Gilliam (one year term) *


Eastern Region

Tom Fleischman, Incumbent

Ivonne Loyola (Alternate) *



Dody Dorn, Incumbent

Mary De Chambres, Incumbent

Stephen Rivkin, Incumbent

Shannon Baker Davis *


Music Editor

Stephanie Lowry


Sound Editor

Stephanie Brown


Outgoing board members are: Assistant Editor Michael Zurer, At Large Representative Paul Overacker, Editor Tatiana Riegel, and Eastern Region Alternate lightchild.


IATSE Convention and District Delegates. The number of Delegates sent to the 2021 Convention and off year District Conventions (delegates residing in the appropriate region) will be determined by the Board of Directors and selected based on the number of votes received in this election.


1          Cathy Repola, National Executive Director

2          Alan Heim, President

3          Dody Dorn, Board Member

4          Molly Shock, Board Member

5          Shiran Carolyn Amir, Board Member

7          Maysie Hoy, Board Member

8          Sharon Smith Holley, Secretary

8          F. Hudson Miller, Vice President

9          Stephen Rivkin, Board Member

10        Nancy Richardson, Board Member

11        Jessica Pratt, Sr. Field Representative

12        A.J. Catoline, Board Member

13        Holly Sklar, Board Member

14        Stephanie Lowry, Board Member

15        Stephanie Brown, Board Member

16        Tom Fleischman, Board Member

17        Aziza Ngozi, Board Member

18        Lisa Zeno Churgin, Board Member

19        Dorian Harris, Board Member

20        Amy E. Duddleston, Board Member

21        Ron Kutak, National Executive Director Emeritus

22        Scott A. Jacobs, Board Member

23        Nancy Morrison, Board Member

24        Shannon Baker Davis

25        Louis Bertini, 2nd Vice President

26        William (Bill) Elias, Sergeant At Arms

27        Jason Brotman, Board Member

28        Rob Kraut, Board Member

29        Scott M. George, Western Executive Director

30        Carrie Puchkoff, Board Member

31        Paul G. Moore, Eastern Executive Director

32        Erik C. Andersen, Board Member

33        Alyson Dee Moore, Board Member

34        Rachel Igel, Treasurer

35        Sean Thompson, Board Member

36        Halima K. Gilliam

37        Lillian E. Benson

38        Nena Erb

39        Frank  Delgado, Jr., Board Member

40        Bobbi Banks

41        Emma DuPell

42        Cecilia (Ceci) Hyoun

43        Michael Zurer, Board Member

44        Tricia Rodrigo

45        Meaghan Wilbur

46        Nancy Frazen

47        Elisa R. Cohen

48        Michael Jones

49        Jesse Dodd

50        Kevin D. Ross

51        Ashley McKinney

52        Isabel Yanes

53        James D. Wilcox

54        Paul Overacker, Board Member

55        Ri-Karlo Handy

56        Pete Tackaberry

57        Leah Gunter

58        Justin Bourret

59        Jeremy Cohen

60        Lauren Hecht

61        John Venzon

62        David Ian Salter

63        Noah Diamond

64        Tom Costantino

65        David L. White

66        Martin Nicholson

67        Shira Ingram

68        Michael Lynn Deis

69        Aric Lewis

70        Joelle Kristy

71        Avi Winkler

72        K. Nicole Rola

73        Joshua Kirchmer

74        Stephen L. Meek

75        Tim Quackenbush

76        Brandon Balin

77        Erik Lutsch

78        Ryan S. Westphal

79        Sam Casas

80        Richard Gould

81        Brian  George

82        Jesse Harbold

83        Kody Davidson

83        Tony Ostyn

84        Joseph Matoske

85        Shawn J. Arteaga

87        William W. Rubenstein