Panel to Showcase Sound for Hit Series ‘Stranger Things’

Dialogue, Music and Sound Effects

Pictured at September's third annual MIX Sound for Film and Television Conference at Sony Pictures Studios: Jordan Wilby, left, David Klotz, Brad North and Craig Henighan. Not pictured are Adam Jenkins and Joe Barnett.

On January 31 at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City, a joint AES/SMPTE meeting will showcase the intricate sound editorial and re-recording of the Netflix miniseries Stranger Things. Attendees will learn how the sound team creates the unique 5.1-channel soundtrack, including the eerie music that is key to the show’s look and feel. A second season from the Duffer Brothers is scheduled to start later this year, with its haunting 1980s-style, synth-based musical score.

The editorial team for Stranger Things is headed up by supervising sound editor Brad North, who works closely with sound designer Craig Henighan, sound-effects editor Jordan Wilby and music editor David Klotz; the re-recording crew, working at the Technicolor Seward stage, consists of Joe Barnett, CAS, handling dialogue and music, and Adam Jenkins, CAS, handling sound effects.

“We drew our inspiration — subconsciously, at least — from such sci-fi films as Alien, The Thing and Predator,” Henighan recalls. Part sci-fi, part horror and part family drama, Stranger Things is often considered as an homage to 1980s movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET.

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