Carl Reiner Says Why He’s Voting on November 6

October 31, 2018

Actor Carl Reiner says his goal is to live until 2020 – to vote President Trump out of office. “I’m 96 and a half years old, and I’ve seen a lot of things in my lifetime,” said Reiner. “But what I’ve never seen is the American people being lied to every […]

US Companies Add a Robust 227,000 Jobs in October

October 31, 2018

US companies added jobs in October at the healthiest pace in eight months, and wages rose by the most in a decade, the latest evidence of the durable strength of the US job market. Businesses added 227,000 jobs in October, according to […]

NLRB: Johns Hopkins Tried to Deter Nurses from Unionizing

October 31, 2018

The National Labor Relations Board has found evidence that Johns Hopkins Hospital tried to impede registered nurses’ efforts to form a union. The Baltimore Sun reported Wednesday that the NLRB said it will issue a formal complaint if the hospital […]

Matyszczyk: So-Called Knowledge Workers Hate Their Jobs

October 29, 2018

“Could it be, though, that white-collar types still have ideas above their (work) station?” writes Chris Matyszczyk in Inc. “I only ask because a survey has descended upon my eyes. It puts numbers to knowledge workers’ happiness. Or, rather, its lack […]

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