About Michael Kunkes
A longtime contributor to Editors Guild Magazine (the predecessor to CineMontage) and the Guild's website, Michael Kunkes was a freelance writer and editor specializing in post-production, production and and animation. He passed away in March 2010.

This is London: “The Pacific” producer Discusses Workflow

March 1, 2010

When London was readying The Pacific’s post-production workflow in 2007, he participated in two key decisions—to shoot the miniseries on film rather than acquiring it on emerging file-based systems, and to edit simultaneously with production in Australia, bringing along three editors. […]

Pacific Overtures: A Few Good Editors Enlist for HBO Miniseries

March 1, 2010

“Sometimes, hearing another editor comment on your work in an open forum and having him tell you he sees a problem and how he thinks it should be fixed, can be a little uncomfortable, but it was all for the greater good.  The bottom line is that the entire miniseries improved greatly after that.” […]

Editing on Another Planet: John Refoua and Stephen Rivkin

February 2, 2010

“By the time we were going to camera, we were already dealing with all the best performances… We had to come up with a whole new language of terms—combos, stitches, FPR, loads, etc.––all invented on this production.” -Stephen Rivkin […]

Otherworldly Workflow

January 1, 2010

If you think that unwrapping the mysteries of transcoding file-based camera footage provides its challenges, you will find the post-production workflow on Avatar either very scary, or a completely visionary model of things to come. […]

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