About Michael Kunkes
A longtime contributor to Editors Guild Magazine (the predecessor to CineMontage) and the Guild's website, Michael Kunkes was a freelance writer and editor specializing in post-production, production and and animation. He passed away in March 2010.

Fixing Television, One Show at a Time

November 1, 2009

To hear Stuart Bass, ACE, talk about television editing, one might think he has an insouciant attitude towards his craft. “Editing comedy is a specific talent…it’s just difficult to say what that talent is,” he says glibly. […]

The Guilty Pleasures of Story Analysts: Movies They Hate to Love…

July 1, 2009

CineMontage has turned to the Guild’s erudite, critical and scholarly branch––the story analysts––and asked them to venture deep inside their inner film geeks, to forget that their professional reputations could be at stake and to admit to the world––or at least to their fellow Guild members––what their favorite guilty pleasure movies are.  […]

Sound Trek:
The Audio Explorations of Ben Burtt

May 1, 2009

The crack of Indiana Jones’ whip, the roar of an Imperial TIE fighter, the hum and crackle of clashing lightsabers, the voice of Wall-E speaking through his circuitry… all can be traced to the same source: sound designer extraordinaire Ben Burtt. […]

The Eastwood Sanction

January 1, 2009

“A movie is like a clay statue and editorial is the final part of that molding.” – Clint Eastwood […]

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