Diversity Committee Forms New Steering Committees


The Guild’s Diversity Committee co-chairs Maysie Hoy, third from right, and Dave Jackson, second from left, join the newly announced chairs of the Diversity Steering Committees, from left, Ceci Hyoun, Leander Sales, Mary DeChambres and Glenn T. Morgan. Not pictured are Dorian Harris, Richard Sanchez and Jackie Tejada. Photo by Fred Arteaga

The Editors Guild’s Diversity Committee was created last year because of a need to bring awareness for inclusion in our workplace. We were glad that so many of our members showed interest in participating. Due to the quick expansion of this committee, several members suggested that it be divided into smaller groups. Following are the newly formed Steering Committees and their co-chairs:

African-American Steering Committee – Leander Sales
Asian-American Steering Committee – Ceci Hyoun
Eastern Region Steering Committee – Jackie Tejada
Hispanic Steering Committee – Richard Sanchez and
Glenn T. Morgan, MPSE
LGBTQ Steering Committee – Mary DeChambres, ACE
Maturation, Longevity & Career Steering Committee – TBA
Women’s Steering Committee – Dorian Harris, ACE

The groups were established based on the most recent information gathered from our diversity survey, “Who We Are,” which was sent to Guild members in April 2017. This survey remains open, so if anyone is interested in participating, please visit www.surveymonkey.com/r/5MR7WCR.

All Steering Committee events will be open to the entire membership, as the goal is to foster mentorship, advice, exposure, good humor, and networking opportunities.

Each sub-committee, with a maximum of 12 members, will bring ideas specific to the needs of the group they are representing, resulting in more diverse membership events. The following events are tentatively scheduled:

The Women’s Steering Committee will hold a panel discussion in the Dede Allen Seminar Room at the Guild’s LA offices on Saturday, August 5, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon. Tentatively scheduled is guest speaker Kylee Peña, a post-production blogger and president of the Blue Collar Post Collective, a non-profit organization supporting emerging talent in post-production that puts together free social events and educational opportunities for people who work in all areas of post. She is also an associate editor for CreativeCow.net, writing about industry news, interviewing notable film personalities and covering important lifestyle topics.

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The Asian-American Steering Committee will hold a panel discussion and networking event on Sunday, September 17, 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., in the seminar room. Guest panelists include Don Hall, Edie Ichioka, ACE, Julia Wong, ACE, Tim Chau, Stephanie Lowry and Asim Matin. Maysie Hoy, ACE, will moderate.

The African-American Steering Committee will hold an event in October, date and details TBA.

All Steering Committee events will be open to the entire membership, as the goal is to foster mentorship, advice, exposure, good humor, and networking opportunities. Please mark these dates on your calendar and watch for e-mail announcements of these events.

The Diversity Committee co-chairs are Maysie Hoy, Dave Jackson and Glenn T. Morgan.

For more information on Guild Committees, please visit www.editorsguild.com/about/committees.