Postmaster General’s New Attack on the Mail is a Fig Leaf for Privatization

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This rally in Phoenix, Arizona, was one of hundreds held last summer to oppose mail delay and call for emergency funding for the Postal Service. Photo: APWU National

Reprinted from Labor Notes by Dennis O’Neil on May 7, 2021.

The battle over the future of the Postal Service, which was a focus of American political life last year, is still on.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced in March (with the backing of the present Postal Board of Governors, headed by Chair Ron Bloom) a “10-year plan” to remake the post office from a constitutionally mandated public service into a corporate entity.

The DeJoy-Bloom plan openly promises slower delivery times for much of the mail, steadily increasing postal rates, and reduced access to post offices. It sets out the next terrain of battle in our fight to save our public postal service.

This plan was pushed out in a hurry as a pre-emptive strike before the Senate could vote to fill the open seats on the Postal Board of Governors with Biden’s nominees—who are apparently all pro-public postal service, pro-democracy, pro-union, and unlikely to support key elements of a plan like this. …

Labor Notes 5/7

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