Workers Put the Minimum Wage Back in the Spotlight

November 29, 2016

A new report from the National Employment Law Project, a liberal worker-advocacy organization, tries to quantify the movement’s impact. The report estimates that nearly 17 million Americans have gotten raises under the various […]

Grossman: Will Workplace Safety Survive a Trump Presidency?

November 29, 2016

“How does Trump’s promise to reduce and eliminate regulations square with creating good, living-wage jobs?” writes Elizabeth Grossman in In These Times. “ How will his presidency affect workplace health and safety? What will happen to the gains […]

Krugman: Why Corruption Matters

November 28, 2016

“What’s truly scary is the potential impact of corruption on foreign policy,” writes Paul Krugman in The New York Times. “Foreign governments are already trying to buy influence by adding to Trump’s personal wealth, and he is welcoming their efforts. In case you’re wondering, yes, this is illegal, in fact […]

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