A New Hue in Sound: Talent and Technology Coverage at Technicolor at Paramount

Representing one of the most exciting new sound post-production facilities to be built in Tinsel Town in several decades, the Technicolor at Paramount complex on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood comprises eight re-recording theatres, three ADR stages, a large Foley stage, eight sound design suites, 16 editorial suites, six DVD/ Digital New Media editing/encoding rooms and a pair of 7.1-channel HD video layback/ Transfer/QC rooms. […]

This Quarter in Film History

When Film Followed Television’s Lead

Because the shortsighted Hollywood film industry did not want anything to do with the new invention called television in the mid-1940s, the radio industry took over the burgeoning medium. New York became the dominant center for the first decade of TV, as the radio studios were located in Manhattan. […]


The CinemaScope Rebound

With the inauguration of television after World War II, motion picture attendance suffered a precipitous decline. From 1946 to 1952, attendance at movie theatres had dropped by almost half, from 83 million to 46 million per week. […]