Ex-UPS Driver Says Amazon’s Pee-in-Water-Bottles Problem Isn’t Unique

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Reprinted from Fox Business by on April 1, 2021.

The issue of delivery drivers urinating in water bottles came to light after Amazon suggested in a tweet to Representative Mark Pocan, D-Wisconsin, that the multiple reports published in recent years — alleging poor working conditions at Amazon and that employees complained of peeing in water bottles or not having enough time to use the restroom — were false. …

Internal documents obtained by digital investigative news outlet The Intercept show that at least some Amazon management teams were aware of the fact that employees — and in particular, delivery drivers — were urinating in water bottles and defecating in bags as a result of not having enough time to use a restroom.

Now, drivers for other companies like UPS — a unionized company — are speaking out.

“I saw this story break about the Amazon workers, and that is nothing new to UPS,” the former UPS driver told FOX Business on the condition of anonymity, citing fears of “retaliation” from her former employer. “It is a well-known practice that takes place on a daily basis.” …

Fox Business 4/1


Leaked Amazon Document Reveals What Its Army of Warehouse Workers Are and Aren’t Allowed to Say on Social Media

Reprinted from Business Insider by on April 1, 2021.

Amazon’s army of warehouse workers paid to be on Twitter is notorious for showing up in conversations with the intent of defending Amazon.

The workers are also notorious for having eerily robotic speech patterns. …

There’s a good reason for those speech patterns, according to a leaked Amazon document obtained by The Intercept. Amazon has a set of guidelines for what those employees can and cannot say, and even offers examples of how to respond.

First and foremost is that “FCAs,” or “Fulfillment Center Ambassadors,” cannot respond to anything regarding unionization, according to the document.

That’s particularly notable given this week’s unionization vote at an Amazon fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama. If it passes, it would be the first major union of Amazon workers. …

Business Insider 4/1

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