Forbes: The Facts Behind the Teacher Strikes

April 30, 2018

“This spring has been marked by a remarkable phenomenon: the first statewide teacher strikes in recent memory,” writes Frederick Hess in Forbes. “The strikes have been greeted with glowing press coverage and a remarkable degree of […]

Seven Jobs Robots Will Create—or Expand

April 29, 2018

As machines get smarter, there is a persistent fear in the minds of economists, policy makers and, well, everybody: Millions of people will be left obsolete and jobless. But the effects of artificial intelligence are likely to be a lot more complex than that. Yes, jobs will be lost, and many people will be forced to […]

Labor Notes: Teacher Uprising Spreads Far and Wide

April 29, 2018

An Associated Press poll found that 78 percent of Americans think teachers are paid too little, and a majority support teachers’ strikes to win higher pay. Fifty percent said they favor higher taxes to pay teachers more. After weeks of protesting […]

US Employment Costs Rose Solidly in First Quarter

April 29, 2018

Compensation for American workers grew at a fast clip in the first quarter, signaling historically low unemployment might be starting to put upward pressure on companies’ labor costs. The employment-cost index, a measure of wages and benefits for […]

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